Anika’s Transformation Story

The merging of these three companies in early 2020 positions Anika to provide meaningful solutions that address unmet needs in joint preservation and restoration by offering a broad and differentiated portfolio of products to treat orthopedic conditions in the early intervention orthopedic continuum of care.

Alternatives to Total Joint Replacement

Perhaps over-the-counter pain medications no longer ease your knee pain. Maybe the days of hoisting your grandchild on to your shoulders, her favorite perch, are over. And unfortunately, that complaining knee has finally put the kibosh on skiing and running. For many chronic joint pain sufferers, total joint replacement may seem inevitable, but there are […]

World Arthritis Day: Explore Arthritis Solutions!

World Arthritis Day (WAD) is a global awareness-raising day. We are participating by sharing information about our joint preservation, sports medicine and orthobiologic systems intended to treat damage to the body and/or joints caused by arthritis, injury or other disease. Did you know? 1 in 4 Americans suffer from arthritis, yet many of them are […]

Why Are Surgeons Choosing Our Anatomic Total Shoulder Replacement for Active Patients?

Why Are Surgeons Choosing Our Anatomic Total Shoulder Replacement for Active Patients? The following interview with Dr. Gregory Nicholson was featured in SmartTRAK on 4/13/20.  New research shows excellent results for anatomic TSA using a stemless humeral component with an inlay glenoid. Dr. Gregory Nicholson gives the breakdown on the research, indications, market acceptance and limitations. […]

AAOS Rewind! Introducing our PF WaveKahuna™ Arthroplasty System

AAOS may not be taking place this week, but in honor of this well attended meeting, we are sharing a highlight from last years meeting! The following interview with SmartTRAK from AAOS 2019 discusses the latest addition to our line of joint preservation knee implants, the PF WaveKahuna™ Arthroplasty System! This implant was designed for use […]

The Appealing Benefits of Anatomic Joint Preservation Arthroplasty- ODT Magazine

See why the aging, active population is favoring joint preservation over traditional total joint replacement. “In my opinion, the demand for joint preservation procedures will continue well beyond 2020, driven by the fact that fitness and an active way of life are now priorities for many people.” – Kevin Farmer, MD, Associate Professor at the […]

Baby Boomers Find Alternatives to Traditional Total Joint Replacements with Arthrosurface

Millions from the baby boomer generation in the US suffer from arthritis or chronic joint pain, and in many cases, a traditional total joint replacement leaves behind residual pain and restricted activity.  Dr. Anthony Miniaci discusses how less invasive procedures, such as those enabled by Arthrosurface implants, can help tackle these issues. Check it out […]

Joint Preservation- 7 Questions with John Uribe, MD

“Inlay glenoid implants are a paradigm-changer in shoulder surgery”- John Uribe, MD In case you missed it! This interview originally appeared in Becker’s ASC Review in June 2019. Angie Stewart from Becker’s ASC Review interviewed Dr. John Uribe about his experience with the Arthrosurface joint implant systems. Check out the interview below for 7 Questions with […]

New Report Outlines Two Revision Cases to Arthrosurface HemiCAP

Patients Are Living Longer and More Active Lifestyles More and more Hallux Rigidus (stiffness/arthritis of the big toe joint) patients are demanding solutions that not only relieve their pain, but also allow them to improve their range of motion. For this reason, synthetic cartilage implants became a popular solution among those physicians treating Hallux Rigidus. […]

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