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Mamie Finds Relief from an Unsuccessful Synthetic Cartilage Toe Implant with the ToeMotion!

Meet Mamie Kerr, our newest ToeMotion Patient Testimonial!

She loves to stay active by doing activities like yoga, pilates, running and kayaking. Unfortunately, she began to develop bone spurs in her foot that prevented her from doing some of these.

Mamie went to see an orthopedic surgeon in hopes of reliving her pain. Her surgeon recommended the Cartiva implant, a synthetic cartilage implant for the big toe. Mamie proceeded with the Cartiva surgery. Regrettably, within six months of her surgery, she was still experiencing significant pain. To make matters worst, she started getting a new kind of pain in a different part of her foot and was in more pain after the Cartiva SCI surgery than she was before.

Unwilling to suffer any longer, she received a recommendation to see a different surgeon, Dr. Brain Harley from Alpharetta Foot & Ankle. Dr. Harley removed the Cartiva implant and put in the ToeMotion Total Toe Implant. Now, just 4 months after receiving the ToeMotion implant, she is able to do nearly everything she loves to do.


I want to say thank you to Arthrosurface. All of the time, the dedication, the research and the development that went into the Arthrosurface ToeMotion is this amazing gift that gave me my life back and I am so grateful!”

Toe Fusion is not your only option. It’s possible to revise unsuccessful fusions, synthetic cartilage implants as well as other metal toe implants to the HemiCAP Toe DF or ToeMotion implant systems. To consult with a surgeon to see if this is an option for you, use our Find a Doctor Tool.

Watch Mamie’s full story in the video below!

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