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New Report Outlines Two Revision Cases to Arthrosurface HemiCAP

Patients Are Living Longer and More Active Lifestyles

More and more Hallux Rigidus (stiffness/arthritis of the big toe joint) patients are demanding solutions that not only relieve their pain, but also allow them to improve their range of motion. For this reason, synthetic cartilage implants became a popular solution among those physicians treating Hallux Rigidus. However, when these implants fail, patients and surgeons alike are seeking motion preserving solutions in lieu of the less desirable toe fusion as their revision choice. As each generation becomes increasingly active, patients are looking to avoid fusion surgeries that limit their range of motion and thus affect their lifestyles and activities.

Due to the increased number of synthetic cartilage implant failures, Dr. Lisa Klemeyer among others, are choosing to use a metatarsal hemiarthroplasty implant (HemiCAP; ToeMotion; Arthrosurface) to revise these patients. In the recent case report, Dr. Klemeyer documented her technique, considerations and outcomes for review.

Motion Preservation in Hallux Rigidus After Failure of Hydrogel Implantation: Treatment Considerations and a Report of 2 Cases

What Dr. Klemeyer and Carpenter Found:

Cartiva Revision
HemiCAP DF w/ BOSS Screw

In September we launched the BOSS Toe Fixation System. Specifically designed for cases presenting with metaphyseal bone loss, it is intended to improve stabilization and provide patients with a motion-preserving alternative to toe fusion.

Use Arthrosurface First!

If you have not yet received a synthetic cartilage implant, but are suffering from Hallux Rigidus, the Arthrosurface toe implant systems may be the right first option for you. Our implant systems have a taper post (screw) that locks into the implant cap via morse taper. The taper post fixates into the bone eliminating the risk of any movement of the system. The Total Toe System combines our metatarsal implant (HemiCAP DF) with a component on the opposite side of the joint (phalangeal) should you have arthritis on both sides of the joint.

If you are suffering from Hallux Rigidus and are interested in the Arthrosurface Toe Implant Systems, please use our find the doctor tool to receive a list of surgeons in your area.

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