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Toe Fusion NOT for you?

Have you been told that you need a toe fusion? Although it can provide excellent pain control, a fusion is considered a procedure of last resort for patients with a sedentary lifestyle because it eliminates all toe movement, making it especially difficult or impossible for women who want to wear high heels. It may also limit activities such as running, golf, tennis and jobs or activities where kneeling or reaching up are required. Unlike a fusion procedure, the Arthrosurface Toe Systems will relieve the pain in your joint and still maintain your natural range of motion. Results from over 20,000 Toe HemiCAP implantations have shown that many patients regained their active lifestyle while finding pain relief in their toe joint.


Alternative to Fusion

  • For many patients with toe pain, Hallux Rigidus or looking for alternative treatment options to a Toe Fusion Procedure, also known as an Unfusion. The Toe HemiCAP® implant system is a trusted toe replacement alternative.. [read more]

Failed Synthetic Implant- Fusion Alternative

  • If you’ve had a synthetic implant that has failed and you’ve been told a fusion is your only option, there’s hope! The Arthrosurface BOSS Toe Fixation System is specifically designed to fill the void left behind by failed implants.. [read more]

Below are two videos from patients who both had their fusions removed (known as an unfusion) and replaced with a HemiCAP implant and one video from a patient who had her failed synthetic implant replaced with our ToeMotion System.

The first video shows Kathy, who initially received a toe fusion after consulting with her surgeon. As time went on, she found little pain relief and was unhappy with her level of function. She later met with a new surgeon who was able to have her toe fusion revised to a HemiCAP implant. After the unfusion, Kathy was thrilled with the results and was finally able to bend her toe again, allowing her to walk comfortably and confidently. The video that follows comes from Dr. Solomon of Marble Falls, Texas. The video documents one of his patients and the range of motion achieved after he performed an unfusion and converted it to an Arthrosurface Toe HemiCAP.



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