Toe Fixation & Correction Systems

CheckMATE Toe Fusion Plates

For your patients whose arthritis is too severe for an anatomic toe implant, Anika offers the CheckMATE® Fusion Plate System. The plates feature low profile and anatomically pre-contoured plates with an interfragmentary screw guidance system to provide accurate and rapid installation. There are multiple plate sizes and options with either a combination of locking and non-locking holes or all-locking variable angle holes for primary or revision cases.

The instrumentation is specifically designed for ease of surgeon use, to shorten surgical time and to eliminate any possible implantation errors. The CheckMATE plates are provided pre-packaged and sterile, unlike other systems that require sterilization at the time of surgery resulting in an increased risk of infection.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Variable angle locking holes allow desired orientation of screw placement
  • Low profile, anodized titanium alloy bone plate
  • Easy to use; shortens surgical time
  • Pre-packaged and sterile, reducing risk of infection
  • Depth gauge is built into the inter-fragmentary screw guide
  • Compression clamp technology built into the plate allows up to 2mm compression across the MTP joint
  • Tack pins eliminate drilling, stabilize the plate and create pilot holes for the screws

KISSloc Suture System

Anika’s KISSloc® Suture System is a strong and stable suture-based bunion correction system for the correction of Hallux Valgus. It features a proprietary knot that is self-tightening so surgeons can achieve perfect alignment before locking the system in place. The KISSloc Suture System reduces the intramedullary angle between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal and requires significantly smaller bone tunnels (Ø1.2 mm), ¼ the size of many competitive systems.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Low-profile plates to avoid unnecessary stresses being placed on the bones
  • Allows for accurate tunnel placement
  • Small bone tunnels minimize stress risers
  • Strong knot construct prevents IM angle slippage
  • Simple technique that starts on the second metatarsal to optimize tunnel placement
  • Strong #5 suture for a more stable correction & reduced slippage
  • Stable and flexible fixation that still allows for coronal motion
  • Self-cinching knot allows real time evaluation of suture tension up to 14° of correction
  • Lateral to medial approach allows more accurate pin shot on second metatarsal

Available in the U.S. Only

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