Ankle Implants

Talus HemiCAP

Have you suffered frequent ankle sprains? They may have led to chronic ankle pain that prohibits you from doing the things that you love. With the help of a surgeon and joint preservation ankle implants, you may be able to return to an active lifestyle.

Ankle sprains are the primary cause of traumatic defects. When the ankle twists during a sprain, the cartilage that lines the talus can become damaged. This may lead to bruising, subsequent softening of the cartilage, or a crack in the cartilage which can result in ankle pain.

Anika’s Talus HemiCAP® implant prevents further damage to the joint while maintaining the patient’s native anatomy and motion. It’s designed to match the shape and contour of the individual patient’s cartilage surface and protect the remaining (healthy) cartilage in the joint. If you are living with ankle pain or arthritis and in need of surgery, talk to your doctor about Anika’s ankle implant solutions.

Patient Benefits

  • Little to no activity restrictions following surgery
  • Custom matched and fit to a patient’s joint size and shape
  • Significantly less cartilage and bone removed than traditional ankle replacements
  • Placed into the bone rather than on top, leaving the joint less surgically altered
  • Preserves natural joint motion and native anatomy

The Talus HemiCAP is not available in the United States.

The Talus HemiCAP is approved for patients via CE Mark and other countries outside of the US. If you would like to learn more about the procedure performed in Europe, please contact: or

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