Fusions & Bunions

Do you have a bunion that causes persistent pain when walking and prevents you from doing some of the things that you love or wearing your favorite shoes? If your toe arthritis is too severe for an anatomic toe implant or you are suffering with a bunion, Anika’s CheckMate Fusion plates could be the right solution for you.

CheckMate Toe Fusion Plates

For those whose arthritis is too severe for an anatomic toe implant, Anika offers the CheckMate® FusionPlate System. A toe fusion is often used for older adults who have a moderate to less active lifestyle and are unable to wear normal shoes without pain. Anika’s CheckMate Toe Fusion Plates are pre-contoured to match your specific anatomy and are very low-profile, intending to minimize the “feel” of the implant. Fusion plates can eliminate a large amount of motion in the toe joint.

Patient Benefits

  • Low-profile and pre-contoured to match the patient’s specific anatomy, minimizing the patient “feel” of the implant
  • Designed for ease of surgeon use, to shorten surgical time and to eliminate any possible implantation errors
  • Decreased risk of infection with pre-packaged and sterile instruments
  • Designed for easy removal if desired following the complete healing (fusing) of the bones

If you are suffering from severe toe arthritis and/or bunions and in need of surgery, talk to your doctor about Anika’s solutions today.

CheckMate is available in the US.

CheckMate is available in select markets outside the United States.

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