Microfracture Procedures

NanoFx Microfracture

Are you in the early stages of arthritis or cartilage damage? These conditions are painful and can prevent you from doing the things you love, but with the help of an orthopedic surgeon and regenerative solutions like microfracture, you can be back to an active lifestyle in no time.

When the body sustains damage from either a trauma, disease, or simple wear and tear, it normally results in the formation of a lesion or cartilage gap on your joint surface. Anika’s NanoFx® (nanofracture) System is a spin on traditional microfracture procedures that supports marrow stimulation by providing a smaller, deeper, and better solution than a standard microfracture operation. During a NanoFx procedure, a surgeon uses a needle to create holes in the exposed lesion (bone) that will cause bleeding. This enables new cartilage to develop, which will grow and fill the lesion, creating a new joint surface. NanoFx allows for a simple way of creating series of bone channels in the area of the lesion so the biological material, an essential component for healing, can rise to the surface and fill in the area of missing cartilage. NanoFx is a preliminary treatment for pain relief.

Patient Benefits

  • Doesn’t damage the underlying bone
  • More holes provide increased marrow flow to defect site
  • Better tissue quality and pain relief
  • Functional improvement and greater durability
  • Helps patients return to an active lifestyle

If you are in the beginning stages of arthritis and/or cartilage damage, talk to you surgeon about Anika’s regenerative solutions today.

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