Syndesmosis Repair

Are you experiencing pain in your calf above your ankle after having had a traumatic sprain? Do you have trouble placing weight on your leg? These are symptoms of damage to the syndesmosis joint, commonly known as a “high ankle sprain”, a painful injury that can prevent you from doing the things you love. With the help of an orthopedic surgeon and products like syndesmosis repair systems, you can return to an active lifestyle.

The Role of the Synd-EZ Repair Kit

Syndesmotic trauma often occurs in conjunction with ankle injuries; anyone with an ankle sprain or fracture will typically also be evaluated for a possible injury to the syndesmosis. If syndesmosis surgery is required, your surgeon may use a syndesmosis repair system, such as Anika’s Synd-EZ Repair Kits. Synd-EZ Kits are simple, yet effective devices intended to provide fixation and help stabilize the ankle during the healing process.

Patient Benefits

  • Stabilizes the ankle while permitting micromotion of the joint
  • Avoids complications associated with screw fixation
  • Helps patients return to an active lifestyle

If you are living with pain due to a high ankle sprain, talk to your doctor about Anika’s syndesmotic repair solutions today.

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