Samples & Demo Equipment Request Form

This form is to order samples and equipment for training events only. Samples and equipment ordered through this form cannot be used in live surgical cases.
ALL SAMPLE REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED a minimum of 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the event and are subject to the availability of product.
You must return samples within 24 hours of the end of the event via 2 or 3-Day Shipping via UPS or FEDEX.
Send tracking information to Molly and/or James.

Distributors will be provided a relevant set of sports medicine sample product at no cost during onboarding.
Beyond initial samples, Distributor Sales Representatives may be requested to share in the cost of samples which will be determined as the situation presents itself.  

For SPM sawbone demonstration-only events, we will only provide sawbones instrument kits. We will not provide fully equipped sports trays.

If you are not able to receive samples in time, and you instead sample out consigned inventory, you must email with details of what product (all banners) you have sampled, including part/lot/serial/quantity.

Click here to order banners & tablecloths.

Click here to order literature/sawbones/models.

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