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From Pain to Gain: Neal White’s Success with the OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder TSA System

For Neal White, a 53-year-old Georgia native, active living isn’t just a goal – it’s a priority!

He loves to work out and lift weights, something he’s been doing regularly since he was 18 years old. In terms of low-impact activities, Neal enjoys swimming in his backyard pool and doing yardwork, but softball has always been one of his most treasured pastimes. “Playing softball was my number one passion but because of my age, shoulder pain, and other ailments, I had to give it up,” said Neal.

Unfortunately, a lifetime of heavy weightlifting left Neal’s shoulders with wear and tear. “I used to do some competitive powerlifting in my 20s [and] early 30s. 550-pound bench presses – that can’t be good for a shoulder,” he explained. “Throwing a ball, I used to throw a 98-mile an hour fast ball back in high school when I pitched, so stuff like that takes a toll on your shoulders.”

When the simple becomes impossible

Over the years, Neal’s condition worsened. He was unable to lift barbells, could no longer throw or pitch softballs, and daily activities such as putting a belt on or reaching for a cup in the cabinet became near impossible. His range of motion was gone, and even with simple tasks, Neal experienced pain in both shoulders.  Anything that required him to extend his arms – reaching forward, up, or down – was difficult and painful.

Due to previous knee injuries, Neal had experience seeking orthopedic care and could sense something was wrong. He made a call to his surgeon, Dr. Hoffman, and was soon introduced to joint preservation and Anika’s OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid Total Shoulder (TSA) system.

A solution in Anika’s OVOMotion

“I told Dr. Hoffman I wanted to stay active and resume activities I had lost. We felt the surgery was right for me because there are no restrictions once you heal,” said Neal.

According to Neal, his recovery was quick. He only needed to take pain medicine once and was released from physical therapy after six weeks to do his own exercises at the local gym. Since his surgery, not only are simple tasks possible again, but he’s back to doing the fun activities he missed before – weightlifting, yardwork, and softball: “It saved my life, and it gave me my range of motion back and I can do the things I want.”

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