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This Doctor Chose The OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder Replacement! Find Out Why?

See why this Physician chose the OVOMotion® with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder Replacement!
Dr. Schreiber Running on a TreadmillDr. David Schreiber is a Radiation Oncologist in Rancho Mirage, California. Unfortunately, he  had suffered from a chronic shoulder injury for years. Over time, it caused his left shoulder to deteriorate to the point that he couldn’t continue his passion of working out without experiencing severe shoulder pain. After trying an arthroscopic repair, his cartilage continued to wear down to the point where it was unsalvageable and was told he would require a shoulder replacement.
Continue reading to watch Dr. Schreiber’s story and see what led him to choose the Arthrosurface Anatomic OVOMotion® with Inlay Glenoid Arthoplasty System!

The Shoulder Pain

Dr. Schreiber’s everyday life was impacted by his shoulder pain and immobility. Things like putting on clothes, screwing in a lightbulb, and opening a drawer had become a challenge. His work as a radiation oncologist was affected to the point where he was having trouble reaching for patient files in his office, and positioning patients in the operating room without pain.
Being a physician, he understands the importance of advocating for his own care. Dr. Schreiber did extensive research, and even had several consultations with Orthopedists in his area that were all suggesting a reverse shoulder replacement (RSA). A reverse shoulder replacement is where the natural position of the ball and socket replacements are reversed. Dr. Schreiber remarked that, “There was no way I was going to have a reverse shoulder as that would limit my motion and my weightlifting ability, and I didn’t want to do that.”

Finding the Right Fit

Dr. Schreiber was looking for an option that would eliminate his shoulder pain and allow him to stay active® without post-operative restrictions. He found Arthrosurface while searching online, and called to learn more about our joint preservation Shoulder Arthroplasty Systems. This led him to Anthony Miniaci, MD at the Cleveland Clinic. Along with Dr. Miniaci’s evaluation, Dr. Schreiber went forward with the anatomic OVOMotion® with Inlay Glenoid shoulder replacement procedure.
Now, Dr. Schreiber is back to his favorite activities, pain-free and with increased range of motion. He is able to lift weights, pilot his airplane, and work in the operating room without any restrictions. Dr. Schreiber remarks on how the Arthrosurface system improved his overall well-being by stating the following…
“Thank you Arthrosurface, for creating this procedure. This gave me my life back, it gave me range of motion, and took care of all of my pain. I recommend this to anybody that’s active that wants to have a shoulder replacement procedure.”

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