Biceps Repair

Does your biceps cramp during or after heavy use? Have you experienced pain or tenderness in the shoulder and elbow, or weakness in those areas? If so, you may have a biceps tendon tear, which can happen quickly from a traumatic injury or develop over time from repetitive motions of the shoulder.

These injuries can be painful and prevent you for doing the activities that you love, but with the help of an orthopedic surgeon and products like Anika’s Actiflip Button Fixation System, you can be back to your active lifestyle in no time.

The Role of Button Fixation Systems

If surgery is required to repair your biceps, your orthopedic surgeon may use a button fixation system to reattach the bicep tendon to bone. Anika’s Actiflip Button Fixation System is ideally suited for proximal biceps tenodesis and distal biceps repair.

Patient Benefits

  • Products are designed for efficiency and ease of use, optimizing patient outcomes
  • Broad portfolio of product offerings in different sizes and configurations
  • Precision instrumentation for a reliable repair
  • Highly reproducible technique
  • Helps patients return to an active lifestyle

If you are living with shoulder pain and in need of biceps repair, talk to your doctor about Anika’s biceps repair solutions today.

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