Rotator Cuff Repair

Do you consistently feel pain when reaching for something on a high shelf or brushing your hair? That might be a sign that you have a torn rotator cuff. These can be painful, activity-limiting injuries, but with the help of an orthopedic surgeon and products like suture anchors, you can experience a strong recovery and resume your active lifestyle in no time.

The Role of a Biocomposite Suture Anchor

Rotator cuff tears are a common source of pain and disability among adults, resulting in millions of doctor visits each year. If surgery is required to repair your rotator cuff, your orthopedic surgeon will likely use a suture anchor to reattach muscle and tendon to bone. Anika offers many different suture anchor designs for use in these types of repairs including the Twist Biocomposite Screw-In Suture Anchor that provides support as the body heals and is resorbed and goes away over time, resulting in less foreign material left behind than other types of suture anchors.

The Twist Biocomposite Screw-In Suture Anchor provides reliable fixation and has the advantage of being MRI-friendly (patients with certain types of metal in their bodies cannot undergo an MRI).

Patient Benefits

  • Provides support as the body heals and then is absorbed back into the body
  • Provides specialized mineral support to promote new bone formation
  • Includes bioabsorbable materials that are MR Safe
  • Helps patients return to an active lifestyle

If you are living with shoulder pain and in need of rotator cuff repair, talk to your doctor about Anika’s rotator cuff solutions today.

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