Five Reasons to Retire the Wrist Fusion

There are pros and cons to performing a wrist fusion. Patients can experience a reduction in pain and improved joint strength; however, the newly fused bones lack flexibility and severely restrict movement. 

With patients looking to stay active longer and continue doing the activities they love like gardening or tennis, many are unwilling to give up that range of motion.

Enter the next generation of wrist arthroplasty implants, the WristMotion® Total Wrist Arthroplasty (TWA) System. This FDA cleared total wrist implant system could render wrist fusions obsolete or relegate them for use in only rare occurrences.

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Did you know Anika’s total wrist implant system is designed to:
  • Provide patients with improved range of motion, including maintaining “Dart Thrower’s” motion
  • Prevent implant loosening by maximizing carpal stability with the proven center taper post
  • Preserve the natural center of rotation with radial offsets

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