30 Reasons Why Anika Is a Great Place to Work

To mark Anika’s 30th anniversary, we started celebrating by sharing testimonials from patients who have benefited from our innovative products over the years. To kick off the new year and close out Anika’s 30th year, we thought we’d turn the tables and ask our employees how they feel about the organization. We queried 30 Anika employees from around the world to get their thoughts. They — product strategists, sales reps, quality assurance workers, regulatory affairs experts, and more — talked about their jobs as collaborative and challenging; they spoke about the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts are helping countless patients return to active lifestyles; and they emphasized Anika’s vision and its culture of learning, recognition for hard work, flexibility, and collegiality.

Here’s what they said in their own words:

  • Matt, United Kingdom, Sales: It’s been very refreshing to work for Anika, with its clear vision of being a leader in the joint preservation space. I’ve enjoyed learning about our products and hearing about the exciting new concepts and devices in the product pipeline. It’s great to be one of the first people in our UK team to make this technology accessible to our customers and help patients restore active living in the United Kingdom.
  • Stephanie, Massachusetts, Product Strategy: In addition to Anika’s committed focus on restoring active living for patients, Anika is a great place to work. It has a very collaborative environment with genuinely nice team members, who go above and beyond to help and support initiatives, answer questions, and share insights.
  • Molly, Massachusetts, Marketing: Anika cares about its employees and the positive, collaborative culture here reflects that! Being on the marketing team I’ve had the unique opportunity to interact with patients, and it is extremely rewarding to see how our products can get them back to doing their favorite activities.
  • James, United Kingdom, Commercial: When I think about what makes working at Anika so rewarding for me, 3 things stand out: being actively part of building and growing something meaningful, working with good people in a positive culture of collaboration and camaraderie, and the feeling that what I contribute matters. Every day I am proud and energized to be part of this team and what we are doing.
  • Valerie, Massachusetts, Customer Service: I have been with Anika a few years. I have met and find myself surrounded by a great many talented, brilliant people who are truly passionate and dedicated to the work they do. The leadership promotes a culture of trust, mutual respect, empowerment, and teamwork. We continue to grow and spread our wings and collaborate with the acquisition of both Parcus and Arthrosurface. We truly make a difference by helping folks around the globe stay active and healthy.
  • Dana, Massachusetts, Information Technologies (IT): Knowing that the company I work for relieves pain and allows patients and customers to get back to their hobbies, sports, and resume their lives again is an incredible motivation. I’m always proud to share the positive impact that Anika has for our patients across the world, and appreciate getting to be a part of it!
  • Siera, California, Sales Specialist: I value the community here at Anika and how everyone works together in our shared ideas, knowledge, and goals in order to make the vision of the company come to life.
  • Dan, Massachusetts, Purchasing: I enjoy and look forward to working with my amazing teams at Anika! They are the brightest, friendliest, and most hardworking people that push the needle even further for our company. Every day is a new opportunity for me to learn and grow in my professional life.
  • Greg, South Africa, OUS Sales Team: It’s exciting being part of an organization that is transforming itself in order to provide early and lasting solutions to people suffering from joint pain and disease.
  • Brandon, Florida, Research and Development: My favorite thing about Anika is the people. Anika has a strong and supportive culture that promotes teamwork, trust, and professional growth. I love that I am given respect and ownership of what I am working on and have the full trust of those around me!
  • Flavio, Italy, Finance: I appreciate Anika for the continuous effort to create a community among employees, despite the distance between all those who are part of it. Working at Anika does not mean just work, but also being part of a collective project to improve everyone’s life.
  • Frank, Florida, Sales Education: Anika has been true to its word when talking about caring for their employees. These were not just words but actions to back them up. This is by far the best company to work for.
  • Veronica, Florida, Packaging: Anika has an amazing benefits package. I love that Anika truly cares about their employees.
  • Allison, Massachusetts, Marketing: I love that Anika recognizes and rewards their employees for their hard work.
  • Jeff, Indiana, Commercial Operations: There are several things about Anika that I love, however there are a couple that stick out for me. The sense of being valued and that my opinions matter amongst my peers and Anika’s management team are what drive me the most.
  • Sara, Italy, Regulatory Affairs: I appreciate the attention to the recognition of team successes and of the work that went into achieving that goal.
  • Ivan, Massachusetts, Research and Development: As a new hire, I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet my colleagues from across various sites. It was valuable to see the breadth of the company and interact with people outside of my team.
  • Adam, Indiana, Product Management: Even though I am remote, I greatly appreciate feeling like an integral part of the Anika team. The company culture, vision and people are great!
  • Judy, Florida, Quality Assurance: I love the people who work for Anika. Everyone is professional, hard-working, and very personable. There is good work-life balance. I believe it’s the employees who make a company great, and everyone should feel they and their work matters.
  • Nick, Indiana, Shoulder Strategy: Anika strives to make a positive impact on people, including customers and team members.
  • Mary, Massachusetts, Customer Service: Anika is a special company with respect to inclusive leadership, great products and pipeline, and collaborative colleagues. Great place to work!
  • Doug, Massachusetts, Facilities: I would love to say thank you to my facilities teammates and especially our boss and mentor. It’s a pleasure to come to work every day because of these people.
  • Chiara, Italy, Human Resources: Anika has allowed me to grow in the working world. I very much appreciate my freedom of action in daily work, organization, and local decisions and responsibilities. I feel I have a global team that supports my daily efforts. I appreciate the flexibility of my working hours which balances my family’s needs.
  • Wei, Massachusetts, Regulatory Affairs: At Anika, you could get the ears of the CEO and executive leadership team, and also learn first-hand from their experience and strategic brain power. The organization emphasizes “all-hands-on-deck” regardless of your job title. This offers a lot of opportunities to develop key skills outside your area of expertise and broaden your horizons. Anika also offers flexible work arrangements.
  • Alicia, Massachusetts, Quality Inspection: Something that I appreciate about Anika is the teamwork.
  • Folasayo, Massachusetts, Finance: Something I appreciate about Anika is the culture. People genuinely care about their fellow employees.
  • Carla, Italy, Executive Team: I do love our values which I found to be unique: people, quality, innovation, integrity, innovation, teamwork, accountability.
  • William, Massachusetts, Facilities: What I appreciate most about Anika is how easy it has been to approach and discuss any business matters with [my team].
  • Cynthia, Florida, Manufacturing: Our leadership always shows appreciation for hard work. Best company I’ve ever worked for. I feel well cared for and heard, so I give my best.
  • Molly, Massachusetts, Executive Administration: Anika is a good place to work because of the bigger picture of what we are doing as a company. We are trying to help people feel better in their daily lives. It’s nice to be a part of something positive.

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