hyaff details Anika proprietary material

Hyaff®: Anika’s proprietary breakthrough technology

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is essential for maintaining healthy joints and tissue. It offers a unique advantage in healing, including regulating inflammation, supporting cell infiltration and differentiation, and helping foster an environment for healthy tissue repair.

Learning to Manage Arthritis Pain

September is National Pain Awareness Month, and if you suffer from arthritis, you are likely well-acquainted with the various side effects of joint pain.

Trends in Orthopedic Surgery in 2022

We recently sat down with Dr. Wasik Ashraf, a New York State orthopedic surgeon, to talk about surgical trends he’s seen in the past year that will gain even more traction in 2022.

Regenerative Medicine: What is it? How can it treat orthopedic conditions?

The body is designed to heal itself. For example, when you cut your finger, blood platelets clot to stop the bleeding and healthy cells repair the damaged tissue. Regenerative medicine harnesses the body’s natural healing processes to repair tissues, organs, and bones that have been damaged by disease, injury, or repetitive use. Although still in […]

How Bone Substitute Materials Support Joint Repair

Injectable bone substitutes can play an important role in some orthopedic procedures. For patients who require surgery to repair joint problems such as rotator cuff tears and knee reconstruction, these products reinforce bone strength, giving surgeons secure locations for anchoring hardware, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes such as a return to their active lifestyles. […]

Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Schedule Your Joint Surgery

Procrastination is a fact of life for many of us. But when it comes to our health, it can have serious consequences. To avoid any health-related consequences to your joints, Fall and the end of the year can be a great time to undergo a joint preservation procedure. The heat and humidity that exacerbates joint […]

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