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30 Activities Anika Patients Resumed Post-Joint Preservation Surgery

Innovations in joint surgery over the past few decades have helped many people regain lost function and range of motion while also reducing their pain. But traditional total joint replacement surgery is highly invasive, requiring the removal of significant bone, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons followed by the insertion of an artificial joint that may feel […]

[Guest Blogger] How to Exercise SAFELY after your Shoulder Surgery

After shoulder surgery, weeks of Physical Therapy (PT) can feel daunting.  That being said, PT is still important to the healing process, and hurrying it will not do you any favors. Here are 8 Easy Exercises you can do after Shoulder Surgery, provided by a guest blogger; Daniel Demoss. Daniel has a master’s degree in physical […]

Joint Preservation- 7 Questions with John Uribe, MD

“Inlay glenoid implants are a paradigm-changer in shoulder surgery”- John Uribe, MD In case you missed it! This interview originally appeared in Becker’s ASC Review in June 2019. Angie Stewart from Becker’s ASC Review interviewed Dr. John Uribe about his experience with the Arthrosurface joint implant systems. Check out the interview below for 7 Questions with […]

Considering Shoulder Surgery? Must-Have Questions for Your Surgeon!

Have you been told that you need a shoulder replacement? Many patients are unaware of all the treatment options available to them, many having post-operative limitations. Patients should feel comfortable with their post-operative expectations. For example, after a traditional total shoulder replacement, some range of motion will be lost and a weight restriction is typically […]

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