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Paths Well-Chosen: A Prospective Patients Guide to Choosing Anika

A company can only go as far as its customers take them. At Anika, our work benefits people all over the world who want to maintain their active lifestyles and live free from arthritis pain. Patients who, together with their surgeons, choose Anika solutions know there’s a better way to go about orthopedic care. Traditional total joint replacements often relieve pain but leave patients with limited range of motion among other restrictions that hinder them from resuming the sports and activities they love. But reminiscing about what you used to be able to do before joint surgery isn’t an acceptable standard at Anika, which is why people choose our paths of joint preservation and regenerative solutions instead.

As part of Anika’s 30th-anniversary celebration, we’re highlighting patient testimonials from years past that speak to Anika’s commitment to its patients. We hope these stories inspire others to live a life free of joint pain and stay active.

Shoulder Success Stories with Anika’s Primary Total Shoulder Arthroplasty System

Let’s start with Chip and Vince, both recipients of our minimally invasive OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid TSA System. A retired dentist turned gym owner, Chip is not only a CrossFit athlete who loves to swim but also a talented sculptor and experienced longbow hunter. When swimming, he’s especially accomplished at the backstroke, which puts enormous pressure on and requires full range of motion in his shoulders. In 2010 when Chip tore his labrum cartilage at the rim of his shoulder socket, Chip decided to have it surgically repaired. Five years post-op, he found himself in agonizing pain. A doctor told him he’d require a conventional total shoulder replacement. He’d be forced to give up swimming since the range of motion in his shoulder would go from the standard 180 degrees to just 45 degrees. Chip himself said, “I refused to accept the fate given to me by the first opinion.”

Vince’s shoulder was in a similar predicament. A retired teacher who loves lifting weights, Vince injured himself at the gym, quickly making mundane tasks like changing the car radio increasingly tricky. Like Chip, Vince needed relief and was not willing to live with the reduced range of motion that would surely result from traditional shoulder replacement. In search of better alternatives, Vince and Chip eventually found the OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid Total Shoulder System and moved forward with the procedure.

Chip and Vince were both thrilled after receiving their OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid Implants. Immediately following their procedures, they noticed a reduction in pain. Furthermore, they weren’t required to adhere to any weightlifting restrictions once their recovery was complete. And for a bonus, no cast, just a sling! Both men credit the OVOMotion with Inlay Glenoid TSA (Total Shoulder Arthroplasty) Implant System with giving them their lives back. Chip stated, “I’m thankful for the development of this system that has enabled me to continue to lift weights and swim competitively. It literally has saved my life.” When asked what advice he would give others dealing with shoulder pain, Vince said, “Easy answer. Outpatient procedure. Painless recovery. No lifting limitations whatsoever. You have a new shoulder. Why would you go for anything else? This device allowed me to have my life back!”

Improved Knee Outcomes

Next, we have Terri and Letia. Both women are avid runners and passionate about staying active and fit. Terri spent years and thousands of dollars trying to find a solution to her excruciating knee pain caused by wear and tear on her cartilage. After consulting multiple orthopedic surgeons, Terri was instructed to stop running, which she refused to accept. Letia had undergone nine knee surgeries in the past decade to solve her knee pain, all to no avail. Luckily for both women, they found a viable solution in the PF Wave implant.

Terri found herself running only three months post-op, with “zero pain whatsoever.” After Letia received the implant she said, “I’m in the best shape of my life and delighted. I’ve been pushing my body and mind to a whole different level!” A true testament to Anika products is that Terri and Letia received their implants over five years ago and they remain active and pain-free!

Motion-preserving Foot Solutions

Meet Ruth and Ron! Ruth, a yoga instructor for over 25 years, experienced foot pain to the point where she could no longer practice her favorite yoga poses. Likewise, Ron, a highly active person, found that climbing the stairs and playing basketball was becoming impossible due to the intense pain in both of his big toes. Ron was further dejected upon meeting with his doctor, who recommended a toe fusion that would potentially reduce pain but also eliminate motion in his big toe. Both Ruth and Ron needed to find a solution, which is when they learned of Anika’s ToeMotion implants.

When asked to compare her life before and after her surgery, Ruth exclaimed, “My life is nothing like before the implant. I’m back to normal again with an exceptional range of motion. I practice yoga daily and can do poses that I wouldn’t have even attempted because of the potential for pain.” Post-op on his first big toe, Ron echoed a similar sentiment, expressing joy and amazement following his surgery. Not only had his pain disappeared, but his range of motion was excellent, declaring, “Range of motion is everything in this!!” A year later, Ron underwent the same procedure on his other big toe. Long story short, it was a tremendous success. Ron said, “Both my feet are 30 years younger; the ToeMotion implant made that possible!”

Wrist Treatment Benefits

Finally, here are Steve and Jerry’s stories. Steve, an avid golfer, began suffering from terrible wrist pain, which threatened to end his golfing career. Upon meeting with his doctor, Steve was given two options; either undergo a wrist fusion where his range of motion would be permanently reduced, or a range of motion-preserving procedure called a WristMotion implant. Facing an almost identical plight, Jerry, a competitive softball player, was told by his doctor that he could undergo the wrist fusion or go with the WristMotion implant. Both men chose the WristMotion implant.

A year post-op, Jerry was not only back to playing softball, but he was also able to drive a car using his left hand, which had become impossible due to his severe wrist pain. Jerry’s procedure was so successful that he’s picked up a few new hobbies in addition to softball, including hunting and fishing! Jerry says the WristMotion implant is “the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Meanwhile, Steve was thrilled with the quick, same-day procedure. Before his WristMotion implant, Steve’s grip strength was weakened by half due to his bad wrist. Six weeks post-op, his grip strength is equal in both hands. Steve and Jerry are both thrilled to be enjoying their lives once again.

These patient testimonials are a reminder of the remarkable advancements Anika has achieved over its 30 years of helping patients restore their active lifestyles. We’d like to thank you for reading this blog and walking down memory lane with us, and for celebrating #30YearsofAnika!

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