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WristMotion Patient Swings Away Severe Wrist Pain!

Everyone, meet Steve!

Steve was suffering from severe wrist pain and rheumatoid arthritis due to years of working at a nuclear power plant where he was turning valves on a daily basis. After retirement, the pain in his wrist reached an excruciating level, such that he was unable to perform daily activities (that are often taken for granted), such as driving and writing.

WristMotion Patient Testimonial

Steve decided to make an appointment with Dr. Randall Culp, MD from the Philadelphia Hand Center. Dr. Culp presented Steve with 2 options; a wrist fusion OR the motion preserving WristMotion implant procedure. Not wanting to give up the motion in his wrist, Steve opted for the WristMotion Implant (performed in conjunction with a Proximal Row Carpectomy or PRC).

Steve was able to go home the same day of surgery (only 6 hours in the hospital!) and was on the road to recovery. Now, his grip strength in both hands is equal again and he is back to gardening, golfing and enjoying a pain-free retirement!

Watch his full story here: [youtube=]

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