5 Ways to Avoid Joint Pain in the Winter

Do you find that as the colder weather arrives, you feel more pain in your joints? The big question is whether the cold weather is making your pain worse? For those who suffer from joint pain or arthritis it appears their joint pain becomes worse during the colder months. Here are some tips on how to not let the cold weather impact the pain in your joints.

1. Stay Active.  

Although it’s cold outside (polar vortex, anyone?) and you probably want to stay cozy in the warmth of your house, don’t let the cold weather affect your motivation! Staying active is an important part in not letting the cold weather affect your already painful joints. By staying active, and building muscle strength with exercise, the function and mobility of your joints should improve, while also reducing the pressure your body is putting on your joints. Reduced movement and activity level in the colder months often happens but can add to the discomfort and pain you are already feeling.

2. Wear Layers.  

Keeping your joints warm is important. By wearing a lot of layers or warm clothing, your joints will not be as affected by the cold weather. The layers keep your joints warm and protect your joints from feeling more pain caused by the colder weather. Having a few layers allows your joints to always stay warm. This way they won’t feel that cold air which could make your pain worse. Layers are a simple way to make you live a more pain free lifestyle.

3. Move Your Workouts Inside.  

As mentioned above, staying active during the colder months is important. One way to do this is to move your workouts inside. Utilizing your gym membership or working out in your house are great ways to stay active without being outside in such cold temperatures. Keep your joins moving by using the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, and even swimming. You don’t even need a gym membership to workout. Exercising in your house will help you to stay active and hopefully lessen joint pain. By working out inside you are still getting in the great workout but don’t have to subject your joints through the cold weather elements.

4. Always Remember to Stretch.

Yoga GroupThis is an important step in helping your joint pain all year round but specifically the colder months. Stretching your joints will help prevent them from getting stiff. Try implementing stretching into your morning and night routines. Another way to make sure you are stretching is by taking up yoga or another stretching exercise. By implementing stretching into your workouts, you are both alleviating stiffness and stretching the muscles around the joints. One important tip is to always remember to warm up before doing anything in the cold. Having your joints, muscles, and body warmed up before heading out in the colder weather will help for your joints to not be as impacted by the colder temperatures which will in turn cause you less pain.

5. Apply Heat.  

Making sure to take care of your joints will help your already sore joints not be as affected by the colder weather. Placing heat on your joints can help to relieve pain. Ways to apply heat include warm baths, heating pads, and hot water bottles. Each are great for reducing your pain and are super simple easy to do. If you are someone that already suffers from joints pain and that pain gets worse in the colder months this tip is highly recommended. It doesn’t take long but will impact you greatly.

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