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The OVO® Stemless Total Shoulder Implant with Inlay Glenoid Gets Roger Back Riding His Bike!

We’d like to introduce our newest shoulder patient testimonial, Roger McClaine! Roger received the OVO® Stemless Total Shoulder with Inlay Glenoid Implant System about a year and a half ago.

After years of wear and tear on his shoulder, Roger developed shoulder pain that continued to get worse. He accepted the fact that he needed to do something to relieve the pain because he was struggling to do chores around the house and his everyday activities. However, after hearing horror stories from friends who received traditional total shoulder replacements and continued to suffer from pain and had poor rage of motion more than a year after surgery, Roger did not want to go the route of a traditional stemmed total shoulder replacement.

Roger needed another option. He consulted with Dr. Joseph Zimmerman at the Bone and Joint Center in Albany, NY where Dr. Zimmerman introduced him to the Arthrosurface OVO Primary Stemless Shoulder System with Inlay Glenoid. An innovative, less invasive, motion & bone preserving Shoulder Replacement System. The OVO with Inlay Glenoid improves range of motion, reduces pain and does not alter the natural anatomy of the joint resulting in no activity restrictions following a full recovery. This system checked off all the boxes for Roger. He was looking for a system with a short recovery time. Roger wanted his life back, and the OVO Implant System allowed him to do just that. A bonus benefit of the OVO System is that it can be performed on an outpatient basis. Roger had the surgery early in the morning and was home by 1:30PM that same afternoon!

stemless shoulder patient

Dr. Zimmerman and Roger were both very pleased following surgery. Dr. Zimmerman says that Roger was “ahead of the curve the entire time” in terms of his recovery. Roger had recovered at a faster rate than most patients and much quicker than both him and Dr. Zimmerman had ever imagined. Roger is back to riding his bike and doing chores around the house and he is happy to say that “there is nothing holding me back now”.

Get your life back!

Whether you are treating an elite athlete or the general population suffering from shoulder pain and arthritis, the OVO® Primary Stemless Shoulder Systems (with Inlay Glenoid) allow patients from all backgrounds to get their lives back.

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  • If you’re a patient looking to get an Arthrosurface Shoulder Surgery, visit our find a doctor page to find an experienced surgeon in your area.

Watch Rogers full story in the video below.

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