An older woman with joint pain takes time to stretch on her yoga mat.

Reduce Joint Pain One Day at a Time

For those living with arthritis or joint pain, establishing a routine or regular cadence of healthy habits can be transformative in their daily life. Yet, starting these new routines and fitting them into an already jam-packed schedule can often be overwhelming. For many people, breaking down a new routine over the week can be easier to absorb. Think of these things as miniature moments in your day, instead of grandiose goals for your week or month.

When you break down your weekly goals into daily, miniature moments, you may find them to be less stressful and even, dare we say, fun.


Focus on stretching in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon.  For people suffering from arthritis, moving and standing during the workday will help to reduce stiffness. Consider taking a quick walk during your standing break or trying out a new stretching routine.


Choose a convenient part of the day when you can focus on some low-impact exercise. Activities like swimming and walking can keep you moving without putting stress on your joints.


Maybe today you take a mindful moment to work on your posture. If you find yourself hunched over all day, remind yourself to pull those shoulders back and sit up straight. Working on posture over time can improve your core, chest, and back muscles, which assist your joint health.


Incorporating healthy, anti-inflammatory foods is a great habit to start in small doses. A diet high in foods that reduce joint pain and inflammation will leave you feeling your best come the weekend. Maybe slip a healthy, delicious snack into your work bag today!


Friday is here and it’s time to kick back. Maybe your Friday evening usually includes a bottle of wine or a night out. Remember, alcohol can increase inflammation in the body, which may also increase joint pain. More and more restaurants are adding mocktails and non-alcoholic options to their drink menus, consider trying one of these without missing out on the fun with friends and family!


Saturdays are for errands. Consider miniature moments of movement when you’re out and about on the weekends. Park further away from the store entrance to get in some extra steps or consider walking your cart back to the store instead of leaving it in the parking lot.


It’s the last day before you’re back to the grind. Your joints are begging you: rest, rest, rest. Sometimes, we overextend ourselves without knowing it. Giving your body a day where you prioritize self-care and enjoy time with friends and family will reduce stress, and in turn, reduce your joint pain.

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