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The OVO Shoulder Implant is a Home Run for Larry!

Meet Larry Whitcomb, our latest shoulder OVO patient testimonial!

Larry maintains a very active lifestyle; he plays competitive softball, does CrossFit, coaches multiple high school sports teams and owns an automotive repair shop in California. Larry injured his shoulder doing CrossFit and as his injury got progressively worse things like sleeping on his right side, and even lifting his arm above his head became impossible.

Larry made an appointment with Dr. Britt Miller, MD, from Kaiser Permanente Fontana Medical Center in Fontana, CA to see what his options were. As Larry was not interested in losing his active lifestyle due to the more traditional Shoulder Replacement options, Dr. Miller suggested the OVO Stemless Total Shoulder, an active alternative to a total shoulder replacement.

Only 3 months after surgery, the OVO implant allowed Larry to get back to the things he loves, softball and CrossFit. His range of motion was completely restored! Even his softball teammates noticed an amazing difference in his athletic ability since the surgery. Because of his injury, Larry was not able to get any power behind his swing but now Larry is hitting home runs!

The OVO has changed Larry’s life and after years of shoulder pain he says that, “it is literally like having a new body!”

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Watch his full story in the video below:

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