Patient Stories

Vince is back to martial arts and lifting weights after his OVO with Inlay Glenoid Shoulder Implant!

Meet Vince! Vince injured his shoulder in the gym at the college where he was teaching at the time. Years later his day-to-day activities became increasingly painful and difficult. Things like eating, reaching up to open the garage door, and even changing the station on his car radio, were all things that caused Vince a great deal of pain. Vince’s hobbies, which include playing the organ, lifting weights and martial arts, were not possible with the pain he was experiencing in his right arm.

After consulting with doctors, Vince was told he wouldn’t be able to do any heavy lifting again. As the years passed and his pain and discomfort increased, he knew he had to make a decision.

Vince knew that he didn’t want a stemmed shoulder implant as he understood he would not be able to go forward with Hapkido after a standard shoulder replacement. He didn’t want to give up his favorite activities, so after doing research he came across one of our patient testimonials of a powerlifter who had our OVO implant with Inlay Glenoid, and was back to lifting weight shortly after the surgery.

Vince is back to lifting weight!Vince thought- “that is good!” He especially liked the fact that he would be able to get back to his life without any activity restrictions. So he consulted with Dr. Richard Goding and was excited to find out that he was a candidate for the Arthrosurface Shoulder Surgery.

Vince claims that he did not experience any pain following surgery. He did physical therapy for 6 weeks and was able to get back to his favorite activities. He demonstrated that range of motion for his right shoulder is as good as his left shoulder, maybe even a little better (and there is nothing wrong with his left arm).

Now, he is back do doing his martial arts, playing the organ and lifting weights.

“Thank you Arthrosurface for YOUR device, it has allowed ME to have my life back!”

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