See why Dr. Richard Goding chooses Arthrosurface

Dr. Richard Goding is the director of the Joint Preservation Institute of Iowa and specializes in the preservation of injured and arthritic joints! Because Dr. Goding is focused on joint preservation, he decided that the Arthrosurface joint preserving shoulder implant systems integrate extremely well into his practice and for his patients.

Dr. Goding was first attracted to our Shoulder Implant System because of the unique design and the systems ability to allow patients to continue with their active lifestyles. The system includes a stemless, nonpherical (aspherical) humeral head implant and inlay glenoid which restores the patients native anatomy, preserves bone and does not alter other parts of the joint. Because of the anatomic design, patients can expect a shorter recovery and no activity restrictions following recovery.

With traditional total shoulder replacement, comes severe restrictions. However, with Arthrosurface he is confident that his patients can get back to their jobs and hobbies, essentially get back to their lives. They can do anything!

Dr Goding is always looking for opportunities to preserve tissue and bone during a procedure. With the Arthrosurface Shoulder Arthroplasty System, he is able to do just that!

“Its exciting to see these patients get back to what they want to do because I am able to use the Arthrosurface implant”

Watch his story here:

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