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Anika’s Transformation Story

For many of us, the start of 2020 seems like a decade ago, filled with masks, quarantines, social distancing and lots of uncertainty. But, for Anika, it was also the start of something very exciting – the integration of 3 incredible companies joining forces to become “One Anika,” and the beginning of our transformative growth story. Following the completion of 2 acquisitions at the beginning of the year, Anika came out of 2020 as a company focused on joint preservation and committed to designing, producing, selling and supporting products that will help clinicians restore active living for their patients around the world. Here is a look back at where we started and where we are headed in 2021 and beyond.

Anika Therapeutics

Since the company was founded in 1992, Anika has been contributing to quality patient outcomes by creating and delivering meaningful therapies in early intervention orthopedic care ranging from osteoarthritis (OA) pain management to regenerative therapies. Anika has established itself as a global orthopedic company, developing solutions based on its proprietary hyaluronic acid (HA) technology.

Anika has a number of truly innovative products with more in the pipeline. Anika’s OA pain management portfolio includes the market leading injectables Orthovisc® and Monovisc®, which alleviate OA pain and restore joint function by replenishing depleted HA in the synovial fluid. Available outside of the US are Cingal®, & Hyalofast®. Cingal®, Anika’s newest, 2nd generation HA-based injectable, is a combination single injection viscosupplement with a fast-acting steroid capable of delivering both fast-acting and extended pain relief to OA patients. In regenerative medicine, Anika developed and sells Hyalofast®, a single stage, off-the-shelf, porous HA-based scaffold for cartilage repair and regeneration. In addition, Tactoset®, available in the US, is an injectable HA-enhanced bone repair therapy for the treatment of bone voids and other bone defects of the skeletal system including insufficiency fractures.

In January 2020, Anika acquired both Arthrosurface, a leading provider of joint preservation solutions with innovative bone preserving implants, and Parcus Medical, a leading sports medicine company specializing in implants and instruments for sports medicine soft tissue repair procedures.


Founded in 2002, Arthrosurface quickly became a globally recognized name and leader in bone-preserving joint solutions for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other joint conditions. The Arthrosurface product portfolio includes anatomic, minimally invasive, bone-sparing implants that are clinically proven to allow patients to stay active by increasing their range of motion and reducing their pain. These uniquely designed implants preserve motion and recreate native joint anatomy while maintaining normal biomechanics and preserving bone across multiple joints. Patients can expect a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery, improved range of motion, reduced pain and a return to full activity levels, including high performance activities such as running, swimming, golf and powerlifting, or simple, daily tasks necessary for an independent lifestyle. #StayActive

Parcus Medical

Founded in 2007, Parcus Medical designed, manufactured, and distributed implants and instrumentation solutions used by orthopedic surgeons in sports medicine procedures to repair and reconstruct damaged ligaments and tendons in the shoulder, knee, hip, and distal extremities due to sports injuries, trauma and disease. The Parcus Medical product portfolio contains a wide selection of sutures and suture anchors including soft tissue fixation devices and instruments that allow healthcare partners to provide quality sports medicine patient care without compromise.

Together as One Anika!

The merging of these three companies in early 2020 positions Anika to provide meaningful solutions that address unmet needs in joint preservation and restoration by offering a broad and differentiated portfolio of products to treat orthopedic conditions in the early intervention orthopedic continuum of care. Collectively, we continue to advance orthopedic medicine to ensure that joint disease, joint pain and joint injury don’t shrink the boundaries of peoples’ lives.

Anika’s vision is to be the global leader in joint preservation solutions that restore active living. Anika has a culture that is purpose-driven and is made up of employees that are passionate about helping people stay active so they can participate in the activities they love. Let’s move forward together. Anika. Restore Active Living.

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