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Meet Ron! He’s Back on His Feet with Bilateral Arthrosurface Toe Systems

Meet Ron! This is his story of meeting Dr Tad Sprunger, of Troy Foot & Ankle and receiving the Arthrosurface ToeMotion implants in each Big Toe.

Ron is a retired school teacher and current photographer in Michigan who suffered from Hallux Rigidus (osteoarthritis of the first MTP joint aka big toe). After many years of being active, it started to take a toll on his feet. Things like climbing stairs, playing basketball and playing frisbee were no longer enjoyable due to the severe pain in his toes. The discomfort was also accompanied by a painful limp due to the cartilage wearing down. At that point Ron said to himself, “This has got to stop.”

Treatment options

Ron sought the opinion of Dr. Tad Sprunger and was pleased with the details he provided. Dr. Sprunger went into great detail about the Arthrosurface ToeMotion Implant System. Ron had done his research and was informed of another medical opinion to treat his condition, called a fusion. Knowing that a toe fusion would limit his activities and lifestyle, Ron could not be happier with the direction he chose with the guidance of Dr. Sprunger to move forward with Arthrosurface system instead.

Following his surgery, both Ron and Dr. Sprunger were elated with the range of motion and pain reduction that Ron achieved post-surgery. Ron was thrilled with his ability to return to activities soon after the procedure, with very little pain. He states, “Range of motion is everything in this!”

Round 2Ron bi-lateral ToeMotion

One year later, Ron would require the same surgery on his right foot, again due to arthritis in the joint. Having already gone through the procedure once for his left big toe, Ron was confident in the outcome of using the same implant system to treat his other foot.

“Both my feet now are 30 years younger, the Arthrosurface implant made that possible.”

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