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30 Activities Anika Patients Resumed Post-Joint Preservation Surgery

Innovations in joint surgery over the past few decades have helped many people regain lost function and range of motion while also reducing their pain. But traditional total joint replacement surgery is highly invasive, requiring the removal of significant bone, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons followed by the insertion of an artificial joint that may feel […]

Want to Return to Sports or Activities Following Joint Replacement Surgery? The Implant Your Surgeon Uses Matters.

Orthopedic joint implants are used to repair or replace damaged joints — enabling them to function as they once did, prior to arthritis or damage. Implant designs are continuously evolving and getting better, as device manufacturers innovate to preserve and recreate more of the patient’s native anatomy allowing patients a pain-free return to activity. One […]

Trends in Orthopedic Surgery in 2022

We recently sat down with Dr. Wasik Ashraf, a New York State orthopedic surgeon, to talk about surgical trends he’s seen in the past year that will gain even more traction in 2022.

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