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Mechanic finds success with Stemless Total Shoulder

Jeff is a full time Mechanic who resides in Columbus, OH. For the past 15 years, he suffered from severe pain in his right shoulder. Not only did Jeff have trouble performing daily tasks, such as applying deodorant or putting on a belt, but the pain in his shoulder began affecting his work. He couldn’t reach in front of him or above his head without experiencing severe pain. He was also taking pain medication daily to counteract his discomfort.

About a year ago, Jeff went to see two different Orthopedic Surgeons who both told him that his only option was a Total Shoulder Replacement, even admitting that Jeff was too young for this type of procedure. Not ready to give up his life and not wanting to settle with that diagnosis, he researched online and finally found Dr. Thomas Kovack. Dr. Kovack offered Jeff an alternative solution, known as the Arthrosurface Stemless Total Shoulder Resurfacing. The day after his surgery, Jeff was already in less pain than before the outpatient procedure.

Just 9 weeks after his Surgery, Jeff was able to throw a ball, workout, do push-ups and was able to lift his arm straight above his head with zero pain! For the first time in 15 years, Jeff is able to perform the activities he loves without pain. Watch his amazing story in the clip below.


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