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ToeMotion Modular Toe is Now Available!

More than 1 million people over the age of 50 are affected by arthritis in the big toe joint (aka the metatarsal phalangeal “MTP” joint). Hallux rigidus is a progressive disease and one of the mostcommon forms of arthritis in the big toe. This disease often results in pain, stiffness and enlargement of the joint. Several surgical procedures, such as cheilectomies and osteotomies, are used to address the pain and stiffness in the early stages of this disease. However, once the arthritis reaches the late stages, the most common option has been a toe fusion.

While a toe fusion can be effective at alleviating pain, it also eliminates any movement in the toe so it can no longer bend. This lack of movement can create limitations on daily activities and types of shoes patients are able to wear. Permanent activity modifications and complications from incorrect rotation, positioning or even nonunion (a gap in the fused joint) have made this procedure less attractive to the younger, active patient.

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With the growing oppostion for fusions, the Arthrosurface team is excited to announce the launch of its new modular toe restoration system, ToeMotion™. This system consists of the metatarsal based HemiCAP® implant and a metal baseplate with plastic insert for the opposing side of the joint. The difference between the Arthrosurface® total toe and other existing replacements is that it is implanted into the bone rather than on top, leaving natural bone to support the implant around its edges. This type of implant placement does not disturb any of the surrounding tissue attachments which are needed to maintain stability and lift-off for walking. The Arthrosurface ToeMotion™ is also the only toe replacement that is implanted with screws on both sides of the joint to provide rock solid fixation.

For patients looking to maintain an active lifestyle, receiving a fusion and never being able to move their toe again is not a viable or appealing option. With the Arthrosurface ToeMotion™, there is now a system that is minimally invasive, completely stable and motion preserving.

Last week, Arthrosurface performed its first ToeMotion™ surgeries with Dr. Carl Hasselman at UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Hasselman, who has been using the HemiCAP® system for almost a decade now and is the co-designer of the new ToeMotion™ system, combined the new phalangeal implants with the existing HemiCAP® metatarsal implants to create a toe joint restoration.

“I have known for quite some time that the screw based fixation of the HemiCAP® system is superior to any of the other press-fit solutions currently on the market. The instant fixation, immediate weight-bearing and early motion is critical to the excellent outcomes my patients have experienced with the Arthrosurface system over the past decade” said Dr. Hasselman.

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