ToeMate Hammertoe System

Anika’s ToeMate® System is a strong, easy to install intramedullary bone screw implant with proven taper lock fixation intended for the correction of a hammertoe deformity. The implant components are completely embedded in the phalangeal bone, preventing implant exposure and complications associated with post-op pin tract infection. The taper lock provides a press fit connection between the two screws with light contact pressure. The system also includes sterile implants and disposable instrumentation that provide stability and accurate device placement.

Until now, the standard for treating hammertoes was with k-wires, however, there are many downfalls for the patient to have their hammertoe corrected with a k-wire, such as increased risk of infection, bumping the k-wires during daily activities resulting in additional pain and discomfort, failure or loosening, and anxiety with removal.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Strong, easy to install intramedullary bone screw implant with proven taper lock fixation
  • Implant components completely embedded in phalangeal bone
  • Reduced risk of infection

The ToeMate Hammertoe System is available in the US only.

The ToeMate Hammertoe System is not available outside of the United States.

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